Church Mission


Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and biblical truths, the spiritual guidance of the members parishioners, the baptism of the converted, the orientation of marriages and celebration of the Lord’s Supper; exercise and administer of spiritual gifts related to the salvation of the soul; and performing acts and operations designed to achieve these religious purposes.

Establish the work on an efficient basis for teaching, behavior and biblical methods.
Seek a fraternal relationship in communion with those who profess the same faith and lure of such faith.
Encourage and promote greater evangelization of the world, especially in unreached areas.
Caring for the existing churches, teaching and preaching the doctrine of Christ, following the practices of the church of God, written in the book of Acts of the Apostles.
Develop national or foreign permanent leaders established in the country that can take responsibility for the leadership of the church.


Develop all charitable educational purposes such as the establishment of Bible schools, colleges and institutions of higher education, charitable and philanthropic nature.